Project 2013
How did this project begin?
"In July of 2012, while I was in Colorado doing mission work, the Lord told me to go to 52 shelters in 52 weeks across the United States! How could I do anything but obey? Thus our Project 2013, and our ministry, was born."
~ Sammie Smimmo, Founder & Executive Director of 5252 Ministries

Our initial goal may have been to serve at... "52 Shelters in 52 Weeks"  but our journey led us to something so much BIGGER!!!

  Preached at 141 Venues

  Served at 149 Outreach Events

  Served at 74 Missions/Shelters

There are no words to describe the overwhelming honor we had ministering to many across the U.S. In addition, we gravely cherish the memories created serving at shelters, missions, outreach programs, and ministries.

Our desire was not only to spread awareness of homelessness while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, but to love-on everyone we found on the streets as we traveled. The Lord greatly blessed us by placing the most amazing people before us who needed reminders of His love, His forgiveness, hope, friendship and so much more.  Everyone we met impacted our lives. We planted many seeds and have faith that God will grow them spiritually.

We look forward to continually advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and building the Kingdom of Heaven. We are all called to serve and we need you to be a part of this with us. Partner with us and help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  And nourish people physically and spiritually.

Our Route and Pictures for 74 Cities in 52 Weeks!!

Click on any city link below to view touching pictures from the missions, shelters and parks we served at.



Portsmouth, VA - Weeks of 9/9
& 9/16/13



Virginia Beach, VA - Weeks of 9/9
& 9/16/13



Norfolk, VA - Weeks of 9/9 & 9/16/13



Williamsburg, VA - Week of 9/16/13



Brookeville, MD - Weeks of 9/23
& 9/30/13



Washington, D.C. - Weeks of 9/23
& 9/30/13



Baltimore, MD - Week of 10/7/13



Atlantic City, NJ - Weeks of 10/7, 10/14 & 10/21/13



Philadelphia, PA - Weeks of 10/14, 10/21 & 10/28/13



Morristown, NJ - Week of 11/18/13



Bridgeport, CT - Week of 11/18/13



Garrison, NY - Week of 11/25/13



New York City, NY - Week 12/2 & 12/9/13



Elizabeth, NJ - Weeks of 12/2
& 12/9/13


Conroe, TX - Week of 5/27/13
(still #1 for city count yet our 2nd trip here to serve


Albany, NY - Weeks of 12/2 & 12/9/13



Houston, TX - Week of 12/16/13
(still #36 for city count yet our 2nd trip here to serve



New York City, NY - Weeks of 12/23/13 thru 1/8/14
(still #70 for city count yet our 2nd trip here to serve) 

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 “I’ve been honored to minister
to thousands of broken, lonely, lost, and the least of us in many ways.
While God gave me the gift of gab,
I’ve learned there are ways anyone can help.  A kind word, working with local churches and shelters,
giving someone a smile, a bottle of water or a package of crackers, and of course,
sharing the Word of God
are some of the ways anyone can help.
These are simple things and you never know how a life can be
changed by simple things.”
~ Sammie Smimmo
"Sammie's Excellent Adventure" in the January/February 2014 issue in
Rescue Magazine 

"I love the mission of 5252 Ministries
in that it both shows the love and compassion
of Jesus while going about fulfilling His Great Commission! May God continue to bless
this important outreach ministry!"
~ Noah, August 2013

"On the Road Again with a 'Mission from God'!!!
You and Kathy are awesome and serve
an awesome God! Travelling angels of redemption, healing, and serving, you are useful tools for His purposes!
Love you both, Keith" 
~ August 2013

“Sammie, thanks for coming through
Alabama on your Journey. It was awesome to see you in action. God is using you in a Mighty way. Bless you and your Ministry
~ Carolyn, August 2013

"5252 Ministries is founded on the pure desire

to spread the word of God and to love-on the homeless. In addition, we seize the opportunity to serve those hurting or in need
of mere friendship.  Sammie's soul is a bright
that faithfully follows the Lord's assignments He gives her.  It has been an incredible pleasure and honor to work with and for Sammie & 5252 Ministries.  I was called to serve others and then God led Sammie and me together. I am thrilled to continue on our journey for many years to come and to
embrace those hidden in the shadows
feeling lost or forgotten.
I love everything our ministry stands for
and I thank God daily for this opportunity."
~ Heather Dixon, 5252 Ministries, Mar. 2014

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